Chiara, 2020 ​​​​​​​

Fashion Design & Model: Kendall Schamel 
Hair & Makeup, Photography: Myself
In February of 2020, Kendall was developing a 3 piece fashion collection to honor--and, process--the passing of her childhood friend, Chiara.  I worked closely with her to develop the narrative through graphic design and photography.  Days before the editorial portion of the campaign was to be shot, COVID 19 paused the world.  It would have also completed the concepts of "Air" and "Earth" for The Mother Nature Project.  
Accessories and Fabric Photoshoot

Kendall created three different Crowns for each of the Looks and a pair of shoes.  Photographing them gave me an opportunity to test hair styling options and the makeup color pallet.  I also got to work with the fabrics, to see how they would move and photograph.  From there, I started to develop character stories behind each piece of the collection, envisioning what the editorial shoot could look like.  Having Kendall stand in for the model also gave me an opportunity to talk to her more about her process and vision, which helped develop the graphic narrative.
While editing these, I imagined how they could live commercially for e-commerce and retail signage; with editing, I also tested the warmth and saturation to explore the mood for print options.​​​​​​​
Makeup should contrast with the fabric story, pops of gold to catch light, 3d floral elements --ethereal beauty, fairy, nymph..
Moodboards for editorial shoot

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