This is photo project reimagines environmental elements through the embodiment of seasons. It showcases local artists concerned for the current climate crisis.
Water Warrior, 2016
Art direction, Photo Styling, Hair & Makeup, myself 
Photographer, Adam Biba
Performer/Model, Joanna Krueger 
Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Styling details for “Water Warrior”
Blue hair and accessories to symbolize water.  I wanted her to look like an ethereal goddess of nature. I gave her braids and used feathers, putting her hair up to give her a look that invokes a graceful leader poised for readiness.
I wanted the photos to the harness the power of nature and I wanted Joanna, the model, to look at home and in natural harmony with the environment.  I loved that her accessories and wardrobe captured the windiness of the city and that the lighting enhanced the beauty and power of the snowstorm we were in.  I was excited that we were shooting in winter because I wanted to capture the crashing of Lake Michigan’s waves.  We used blue smoke bombs to enhance some of the color and a speedlight to create the dramatic shadows that gave her a larger than life presence.  This was shot on Montrose Beach.
Fire Warrior, 2017
Location: LaBagh Woods, Chicago
I wanted to showcase her physical strength and fierceness as a woman. I think the strongest pictures are the ones taken when I asked her to turn around; I love how this pose captures the strength, power, and femininity of every woman. I used red and animal textures in the wardrobe to invoke the visceral spirit of fire and to reiterate the forest theme.  The darkness of woods illuminated the light and smoke of the fire, capturing the themes of rebirth and transformation evident of the element, the climate crisis, and the experience of being a woman—an empowering theme not used enough in beauty industry branding. ​​​​​​​
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