Motion Design Treatment by Shirley Ellis 
for Black Americans
(July 2020) 
The global pandemic has brought the world to new levels of existential uncertainty with disproportionate effect to Black people.  The generational pain and trauma is as buried and ignored as deeply as the invisible structures of the systemic racism and inequality that exist America. There is a need for recognition and support for the mental health of Black Americans as well as a need for spiritual leaders to create connection and community within in the physical limitations of Covid-19.
I created 3 motion design pieces as part of a rebranding campaign for World Interfaith Council to connect their brand and services to a modern audience and revolution, which is the Black Lives Matters campaign. 
My intentions are to:
a.) utilize motion design storytelling within social media to help normalize the stigmas around mental health and trauma
 b.)  bring new audiences to the brand by making the lifestyle of mediation relevant, accessible and new through motion design
c.) create a new experiences of meditation through in-app experiences 
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